Why Choose Us?

If glowing testimonials and an amazing portfolio aren’t enough to convince you, here’s a few more reasons why clients enjoy working with Antle & Associates.

  • ~ Get all your content & sales copy in one place.

  • ~ We handle the assignments, so you don’t have to sort through dozens of writers to find the right one.

  • ~ We offer a double on-time guarantee: If your material is not delivered on-time, you get that piece FREE, and we issue you a credit to have another piece done free of charge as well.

  • ~ Work is generally delivered within 7 days (although eBooks and Email series work may take longer; your account manager will give you a precise date), and we have rush orders available to get you the content in as little as 2 days.
  • ~ Every piece is Copyscape checked to ensure that it is plagiarism-free.

  • ~ We do take a 50% deposit on all work. However, the remaining 50% is only due at the time the work is delivered.

  • ~ Every piece undergoes proofreading, editing, and grammar/spelling checks by a HUMAN editor, at no additional charge to the customer.
  • ~ We do not accept applications from writers. Rather, we aggressively recruit writers that we want to work with. This means that our writers are hand-picked on the basis of their portfolios, their education, and their experience. Our writers come to our attention primarily through referrals from other clients and colleagues.

  • ~ We provide our writers with a clearly defined career progression path. All writers come into our team as Jr. Copywriters, where they undergo an extensive training program. Our writers are assigned personal mentors and are educated by our entire company. They learn sales, marketing, writing, time management, and business skills from our team of expert trainers.

  • ~ The best Jr. Copywriters are promoted to Copywriter. This gives them a pay increase and the ability to accept a wider range of assignments. Copywriters are Jr. Copywriters who complete our training program, are recommended by their mentors, have outstanding customer feedback, have outstanding feedback from their proofreaders, and have a history of on-time delivery.

  • ~ The very best Copywriters are promoted to Sr. Copywriter. They get a pay increase, and Sr. Copywriters are used to mentor Jr. Copywriters. Promotion from Copywriter to Sr. Copywriter happens only after years of experience and a track record of success, and Sr. Copywriters are hand-selected by the CEO based on the recommendation of trainers, mentors, proofreaders, and other experienced team members.

  • ~ We recommend continuing professional education for all of our writers, and we reward them for it. Our incentives program offers a monetary bonus to writers who complete certain courses, certifications, and educational opportunities, so several of our writers have Hubspot certifications, have completed ALISON diplomas, have Google certifications, or have advanced degrees in writing, communications, marketing, or other related disciplines.

Standard Tier

  • ~ Standard Tier work is performed by Jr. Copywriters. These writers have been carefully screened and receive ongoing training and mentorship.

  • ~ All work is Copyscape checked and covered by our double on-time guarantee.

  • ~ All work is subject to proofreading and editing by an experienced human editor.

  • ~ Some types of content are not available under the Standard Tier. These pieces are generally more complex or challenging, and we do not feel comfortable having Jr. Copywriters take on these types of work.

Premium Tier

  • ~ Premium Tier gets you access to every type of work we perform.

  • ~ Premium Tier clients have a dedicated account manager. There is a $100 a month account management fee for Premium Tier clients. Your account manager will communicate personally and directly with you to help you have the best customer experience.

  • ~ All work meets the same high standards as the Standard Tier: Copyscape checked, proofreading and editing, and our double on-time guarantee.

  • ~ Premium Tier clients receive one free round of revisions on all pieces.

  • ~ Premium Tier work is performed by Copywriters. We do not hire Copywriters, so all of our Copywriters were Jr. Copywriters that have completed our extensive training program and have a track record of producing high-quality work. Our Copywriters have years of experience and are promoted on the basis of their work quality, customer satisfaction, on-time delivery, and proofreader reviews.

  • Gold Tier

  • ~ Gold Tier clients are our most reliable, trustworthy clients who we have done extensive work with in the past. These clients were Premium Tier clients who have a good track record of providing useful and clear instruction, paying on time, and working well with their dedicated account managers. Our best clients are invited to become Gold Tier clients.

  • ~ Gold Tier clients receive their dedicated account manager FREE!

  • ~ Gold Tier clients are not asked to pay a deposit on their work. Because of their history with us, we know that we can trust them to pay their invoice on time.

  • ~ Gold Tier work is performed only by Sr. Copywriters. These writers have years of experience and are hand-picked from our Copywriters for a history of outstanding work and high customer satisfaction ratings.

  • ~ Gold Tier clients get two free rounds of revisions on all pieces.