Digital Marketing in Financial Services

By the numbers:


Prospecting vs. Digital Marketing

ProspectingDigital Marketing
Cold calling, business drop-ins, networking events, and ENDLESS prospecting just to drum up a few low-quality leadsYour website, social media, and email marketing campaigns work 24/7 while you’re doing something else, delivering high-quality pre-qualified leads to your inbox.
You build relationships with people who may or may not ever become customers in the hopes that when they do need you, they’ll remember you.Customers who need your services at that exact time seek you out and find you. These customers are ready to buy or invest.
Prospecting time competes with sales time. You spend prime selling time drumming up new business.Your digital marketing campaigns work all the time and don’t take you away from your sales appointments.
When meeting a new prospect, you may have 30 seconds to make a first impression. With limited time, it’s hard to differentiate yourself from your competitors.Your digital marketing tools allow the prospect to get as much information as they need to make a decision, regardless of how long that takes.
People are busy! It can be hard to even get a 15-minute appointment to meet with a decision-maker. That doesn’t give enough time for basic information, much less persuasion.With digital marketing, your prospects can get the information they need before they ever meet with you in person. This allows you to focus on persuasion rather than information.

DIY vs. Working With an Agency

So what’s the best way to do your digital marketing? Should you do it yourself or work with an agency?

Doing it Yourself

There are various disciplines you’ll need to master to do your own digital marketing, or you’ll need to hire professionals to do the skills that you haven’t mastered yet. These skills include:

  • Writing compelling and compliant content and copy
  • Website and graphic design
  • Marketing campaign strategy and planning
  • Social media strategy and management
  • Email marketing: lead magnets, landing pages, and email strategies
  • Paid marketing techniques and tools
  • Analysis and metrics

In addition to mastering the skills, you’ll need to set aside significant time to roll out new marketing campaigns. If you opt to hire professional assistance, you’ll be responsible for overseeing, managing, and supervising each individual expert on your team.

Using Corporate Material

For some financial services professionals (especially those working with wirehouses), the company you represent will probably produce a significant amount of marketing material for online and offline use. While these materials can be extremely useful, they should not be the only marketing that you do.

Using corporate material penalizes you in SEO, as it’s content that’s duplicated by almost every agent working for the same company.

Corporate material doesn’t allow you any way to distinguish yourself from the dozens or hundreds of other agents in the same company in your same geographic area. You become one of many virtually identical financial professionals.

Finally, corporate material doesn’t allow you to build your OWN book of business. Any leads generated are generated for the company, not the agent.

Hiring Us
  • Unique content, tailored for your target market and specific business needs
  • Customized marketing plan to target the people you most want to work with
  • A single account manager to interact with instead of multiple experts and professionals to oversee
  • 1-3 hours of your time spent to build your entire marketing campaign

We make it easy to do digital marketing. 

Don’t trade your prospecting time for digital marketing time. Trade in all that prospecting time to go make more SALES!